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The Betterchalk approach — designed to help you learn better.

Better with practice

Our approach emphasizes the practical application of skills to reinforce learning. That's why our courses include different assessments formats like quizzes, and verified coding challenges administered through our integrated development environments with support for technologies such as: JS, SQL, HTML/CSS, Command Line.

Better with support

We understand the frustration of getting stuck while trying to learn something new. Which is why we have support integrated to key aspects of every lesson. You can easily find hints, solutions, and answers related to content-specific questions.

Better with community

Join a lively and supportive cohort of learners studying the same course as you. Chat with your instructors, make new friends, share successes, and stay motivated.

Hear from our students

"The quality of the course was top-notch, clear, concise, and easy to follow"
"The quality of learning at Betterchalk was really high because there were plenty learning materials, quizzes, coding challenges and project assessment to reinforce what you learnt"
"As a newbie with a biology background, and no knowledge of what programming was, Betterchalk made my transition to tech very easy"
"One thing I love about Betterchalk is you get to interact with other learners, and you can help each other through the learning process"

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